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Hello Valued Partners! Please use the form below to register for the Microsoft Catalyst Partner Training Course.

The Microsoft Catalyst Partner Training Course helps partners:
  • Engage with customers more effectively to build BDM relationships, increase deal size and close deals faster by leveraging the IDEA framework used by Microsoft sellers
  • Execute Catalyst Accelerators with customers in order to accelerate Digital Transformation projects
  • Assist in becoming eligible to earn up to USD $100K for executing Catalyst related activities using the Partner Activities. Please see eligibility requirements below (additional information available on the Transform site):
    • 3+ Catalyst accredited professionals in Area of delivery
    • Competency and Low Code Advanced Specialization status
    • ECIF status green (ECIF approval in new country~ 2-3 weeks)
  • Your completion of the Catalyst training is important. It will help your partner organization to be eligible to execute the Catalyst activities in the geographical location of your customer.

At this time, the course is open to all Business Applications partners as well as any partner with an MPN ID.  
  • In order to access the course, you need to provide a Microsoft Live ID, please sign in with a Microsoft Live ID (ex: or
  • Additionally, we require a MPN ID to associate the individual with their partner organization.
    • This is used to accredit the partner upon the individual’s successful completion of the Catalyst training.
    • Those who enter an invalid MPN ID will not be able to complete their registration and will receive an error message.
    • Without a valid MPN ID, you will not be able to access the training, and therefor will be unable to become Catalyst accredited for your organization.

FY23 Sessions:
  • Session 1: 8/29/22 – 10/28/22 (registration currently open)
  • Session 2: 11/7/22 – 1/13/23 (registration opens 11/3)
  • Session 3: 1/23/23 – 3/24/23 (registration opens 1/19)
  • Session 4: 4/3/23 – 6/2/23 (registration opens 3/30)

Event Registration Details
Course TitleStart DateEnd DateRegistration Deadline
Eastern Time (EST)
Microsoft Catalyst Partner Training Aug, 29 2022Oct, 28 2022Oct, 26 2022 11:59 PM

By registering for this Microsoft Catalyst Partner Training, you understand your name, email address, and learning information may be provided to your employer/organization.